We’ve received many requests for the lyrics to our Charlie Sheen-themed song “Always Winning,” so here they are. 

Charlie Sheen – Always Winning
By Josh Raff and Eli Northrup

Uh huh you know Charlie Sheen
Everything he do it’s Major League
Erol Flynn Frank Sinatra that’s nothing
Banging hookers at the Plaza that’s stunting

He’s on a Drug and it’s called Charlie Sheen so he’s
Always winning always winning always winning always winning
Tiger blood and adonis in his genes so he’s
Always winning always winning always winning always winning

Verse 1
We got Charlie Sheen 1 and Charlie Sheen 2/ They both winning cuz that’s what Charlie Sheen do/ He’s the wild thing living in the 9th inning/ always coming out on top Ricky Vaughn bi-winning/ he be snide grinning while he cashing his checks/ thinks CBS coke booze and sex/ Goddesses on his arm and he making ’em swoon/ everybody wanna be a part of Charlie’s Platoon/ cuz he’s the hot shot that is just how he rolls/ either you are in his corner or you’re one of the trolls/ he make Richards and Jagger look like a disgrace/ this is Charlie Sheen and he’s melting your face/


Verse 2
Charlie Sheen 2 men everybody else a half/ his success rate 100% I did the math/ He don’t use drugs he use a blender/ he’s a vacuum cleaner on a bender/
from young gunner down on Wall Street trading the stocks/ to LA throwing ragers banging 7 gram rocks/ He can bring it like nobody else bringing it in the game/ disease bitch please he cured it with his brain/


Verse 3
He got one speed GO he letting us know/ such a winner almost making 2 mili per show/ He goes on runs so epic they could last for weeks/ he’s like Wall Street II: Charlie Never Sleeps/ he never says can’t he just says do it/ he’s not beyond the law but he runs right through it/ now he’s cured he’s done he make his own rules/ Charlie Sheen live forever cuz dyings for fools/